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Wednesday May 25, 2016
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Posted date : Jan 29, 2008

Children do not have most skills that the adults have.  For example: while negotiating a complex traffic situation, grownups constantly check and recheck the safety of the road environment. Adults have the ability to discern and differentiate between safe and unsafe situations.  But children do not have such abilities.  Their brain develops as they grow.  Therefore, parents/ guardians and teachers should make deliberate attempts to train their children in road safety.   While you go out with your child for a walk, it is very important to explain to them what you are doing to be safe on the road.  Because, whatever judgments and decisions taken by you to be safe on road is a process that goes on inside your own mind which is invisible to your child unless you talk to him/her about all the things you have done to keep yourself safe. 

This is the 'first' of the six volumes comprising 5 to 6 posters in each series explaining about different road safety topics.  This explains about the hidden dangers on road and how can one be safe in complex traffic situations.  Each subject is explained in simple terms with important points highlighted and supported with pictorial illustrations.

The remaining volumes will be released shortly..

Download Posters here >>>


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